Why Original Sounds Only?

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Golden Age of Audio

The OSO concept started developing a few years ago, as a reaction to the spreading of sound libraries available everywhere, capable of helping to build a new song in a question of minutes, but with the disadvantage of standardizing and making the musical composition, an easy puzzle (and honestly quite boring, as well). In the beginning, it was a kind of challenge, aimed at enriching the music with a personal touch and being able to savor again, the taste of music made as it once was, in a traditional way. The experience led to a “new” way of working and conceiving musical production, with the time consumed in a more creative way, playing real instruments instead of searching among hundreds of presets and samples. Originalsoundsonly.com gets inspired by the Golden Age of audio recording, where each track was unique, there were no presets or total recalls and only experimentation was the key to create something unprecedented.

Uniqueness: Creativity with no restrictions

The composition of something unrepeatable, a unique creature, warm and alive. OSO tries to apply classical recording techniques and the use of vintage or DIY instruments, to give musical production, that exclusive touch, somewhat the equivalent of a handcrafted dress compared to an industrial production one.

Zero recycling!

ALL that has been used to build a previous song is thrown in the basket bin. I know it can sound anti-ecologic, but here nothing is recycled! A song is started from scratch and arrangements are built exclusively for that track.

No samples

No samples are used, no romplers, no pre-cooked sounds! All tracks are played on real instruments and exclusively for each song. Exclusive sounds played on real instruments.

Real Original Sounds

OSO uses vintage or DIY gear, mainly and no sound libraries. If percussive or drums sounds are coming from presets, they are heavily processed and mixed in analog.

History of Music Applied

OSO in partnership with maxpro.audio, runs and maintains a series of vintage gear, classic pieces that contributed to the history of music, like tape recorders and classic keyboards, coming from popular studios now closed. The maintenance is made in house, with an authentic sense of duty towards the history of music gear. A real passion helps to deal with the great amount of energy needed, the satisfaction to listen to something unique is highly rewarding.

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